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Wishbone Ash
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Live In GenevaIt was during the first half of 1995, when I completed the setting up of a very special itinerary for Andy and Wishbone Ash to celebrate their 25 year Jubilee (Silver) anniversary.

The dates were earmarked for October, November December in the United Kingdom rolling out into the highly popular Germany, Austria, Switzerland and BENELUX territories at the start of the new year to coincide with the bands 25th birthday. It was an exciting time for everyone and the schedule was highly fruitful as a consequence of the planning having been laid out from the start of November 1994.

As work continued the tour soon began to shape up on the drawing board. As was expected, the steady surge of media attention publicised about the prestigious tour and occasion soon reached promoters across the earmarked territories. January '94 started with a torrent of interested parties and one incoming telephone call started the negotiations for appearing in one of a series of French television shows set to be captured in a new type of dazzling format aptly titled High Definition or HDTV as it is now widely known.

We didn't know it at the time, but in 1995, HDTV recording and broadcasting was 10 years ahead of its UK premiere, as I was soon to learn after receiving a return call from a senior staff member at the BBC. At that time, I was

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