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SonOfaBitch 1995Original 1995 Profile: including Extracts by Moz Morris

SonOfaBitch-1995The band started its embryonic life as the Dawson/Oliver outfit Son Of A Bitch (SOB) in late 1976 just at the time of the punk rock explosion. Dawson called on Peter Byford (who then played bass guitar with a band called 'Coast') to join his and Oliver's group.

Byford's reply was somewhat uncertain and hinged on them also accepting 'Coast' guitarist Paul Quinn as part of the deal. Reluctantly at that time and in the words of young Stephen Dawson, "we don't want another guitarist", Dawson and Oliver settled on Quinn's enrolment and to much amazement, here now, was probably the only band ever to have two guitar and two bass players all slogging it out in the same set.

Shortly after, having just completed an international tour as the original drummer with 'Glam-Rockers' - 'The Gary Glitter Band', Peter Gill joined the band adding his heavy duty style and tight rhythms that captured the attention of fans and envy of other bands struggling to draw audiences by virtue of the SOB army following them everywhere they played.

Always a band to try and do things the hard way it was an uphill slog to try and get any recognition at all in those days. Heavy Metal was a dirty word and any signings that were taking place certainly were not Metal bands. So the usual hard toll of gigging around the country was the only answer taking the music to where it was still appreciated - the fans.

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